Energy, Trade, and Development Forum – April 9, 2014


Rethink Institute held a multi-session forum under the theme “Energy, Trade and Development” during the 2014 Turkic American Convention, April 9, Washington DC . The forum explored economic opportunities and potential for partnership of the United States with the growing economies of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Central Asian countries.

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From Beijing to London: The New Silk Road Initiatives

In 2011, Secretary Clinton announced a US New Silk Road initiative that aims to improve stability by facilitating and enhancing regional cooperation in trade, energy, and transportation.  The US initiative drew a lot of interest, though it is not the only initiative capitalizing on the renaissance of the ancient Silk Road. There are multiple ongoing international initiatives and projects launched by each and every Central Asian countries, Turkey, and China.  This session highlighted these competing projects and their possible influences in the Turkic region.


VLADIMIR FEDORENKO – Research Fellow, Rethink Institute
RASHID CHULAGOV – Chairman of Silk Road Business Association, Azerbaijan
“STEVE FAGIN – Director at the Office of South Asian Regional Affairs, U.S. Department of State
NURLANBEK MATYAV – Director, Bereke Construction


Trials and Tribulations of Turkish Democracy

Turkey has long been a considered a model country that successfully fuses democracy, Islam, and economic growth. Lately, this model is facing challenges as the country tackles with serious corruption charges, questionable moves by the government that curb judicial autonomy, and rising social opposition.  This session focused on these challenges as well as domestic and international implications of the critical local and presidential elections in Turkey.

FEVZI BILGIN – Executive Director, Rethink Institute
IHSAN DAGI – Professor of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
SEBNEM KALEMLI-OZCAN – Professor of Economics, University of Maryland, College Park
IHSAN YILMAZ – Professor of International Affairs, Fatih University, Turkey
SERDAR YESILYURT EU Representative, Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (TUSKON), Belgium


Eurasian Energy Corridor and Energy Security

This session will focus on the current status and the new developments in the Eurasian energy corridor such as the new energy deals by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, Southern Gas Corridor and the Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline, and the new discoveries in the East Mediterranean Basin.


DAVID KORANYI – Acting Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center, The Atlantic Council
ANDREA LOCKWOOD – Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia,
Department of Energy
ZHANYKULOV ZHUMABEK – Chairman of the Board of Directors, “KAZKA” Association of Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs
MAMUKA TSERETELI – Director, Center for Black Sea-Caspian Studies at School of International Service at American University.
ERIC STEWART – Director, the US Turkmenistan Business Council


U.S. Strategic Partnership and Cooperation in Central Asia

The Obama Administration’s review of Central Asia policy identified a number of key strategic priorities, ranging from enhanced support for Afghanistan to economic development, including the economic empowerment of women, energy cooperation, promotion of democracy and human rights, and working together to combat transnational threats such as narcotics trafficking and violent extremism. This session will assess the strategic presence and interests of the United States in Central Asia.


ANDREW KUCHINS – Director and Senior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies
JOHN E HERBST – Director of the Center for Complex Operations at National Defense University
RICHARD SWETT, Ambassador (Ret.), Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions
BRYAN LOPP – Director, International Operations & Policy, Boeing Corp
SERIK NUGERBEKOV – Senate Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan